Yeah ummmm.. Life is not beautiful for all. Sometimes you’re deliberately delusional. It’s fine to be against abortion, but do not pretend for once that ALL people who have a traumatic childhood/life just get over it and embrace this “beautiful” life. Even you have to admit that some people have had some pretty rough upbringings that affects their lives daily. I guess at that point, it’s ok if they end their own life b/c at least they were born and that’s all that matters.


Adopting a culture of life will be a struggle fought not door to door, but heart to heart. Each heart, like yours, must be softened enough to allow your pessimism to be overcome by optimism. To allow you see past all of the negative outcomes and begin to see that life is beautiful and that every living human being, whether born or not, should have a chance to experience it.

As more and more people embrace the beauty of life, shedding the idea that there could ever be a reason good enough to kill an innocent human being, the darkness in their hearts will melt away.

The mass slaughter of our prenatal children is killing the very foundation of life, it is the killing of pure innocence and hope for the future. It is the destruction of our own humanity. If we can willingly and lawfully kill our own children in the womb, why should we care about any other human beings?

Change is hard. Ask yourself, would you rather continue on our current course, surrounded by mass shootings and unthinkable tragedy, or chart a new course where the love of life begins at conception and spreads among our human family with the celebration of each new life genuinely welcomed into the world?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Schopenhauer Pauer January 29, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    Why is optimism a goal in itself? ou are a Christian, Iassume, did you notice 2 of the 3 cardinal virtues refer to optimism? Faith and Hopium/hoptimism. Plus I like to think of christ’s story as a fantasy where we drag god thru the muck and mire of this undignified ‘beautiful’ existence, then kill him brutally. If god was stupid enough to put himself in my power I’d put his brain in a vat and add fresh capsaicin every day.

    Life is not a gift to the unborn. Death is a repreive for those baffled by life and reluctant to engage in burdensome, Sisyphean exertions. I see your emotional suasion and sentimental ties to life, but abortion and euthanasia are highlights of any society where surplus and stability reign, and tradition is freely questioned.


    1. Actually, I’m an atheist. The fight against the depraved act of killing prenatal children requires no deity, just basic human morality.

      Abortion and euthanasia kill innocent human beings. Abortion is forced on the one doing the dying and euthanasia is often indirectly coerced by giving those who ‘choose’ to end their lives a feeling of despair and unwantedness. When someone feels they are a burden to others, they are more willing to seek death as a way to avoid becoming an inconvenience. Abortion has led to this sad state. When we gave ourselves the right to kill our children, we gave our children the right to kill us.

      I have a ‘sentimental tie’ to life because without a zest for life, our species will lose its purpose and meaning — to build a better world for those who follow us. Simply put, every human life is equally valuable across the entire arc of that life.


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