You do realize that if abortion becomes illegal that’ll only make people resort to more dangerous things, right? Things that could kill them?


There are two or more people involved in a pregnancy. I know abortion advocates like to erase the child from the equation, but he or she is still there. Whether you use dehumanizing terms such as parasite, clump of cells, pregnancy tissue, invader, tumor, or products of conception, the fact that a little boy or girl is growing inside your womb is not changed.

Now that we have brought the child back into the picture, you do realize that legalized abortion almost ALWAYS kills one or more people, right? You are asking me to sympathize with a woman who would illegally kill her own child because she may cause harm to herself in the process. That’s like asking me to have sympathy for a gunman because he may be killed by the police while shooting school children since it isn’t legal.

You have to understand that a prenatal child is a real human being, just like we are. After all, both of us were once prenatal children and look at us now. Killing children in the womb shouldn’t be a legal choice, just like killing them outside the womb isn’t a legal choice. Some choices are wrong and must be outlawed.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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