I Just Couldn’t Kill My Baby


I don’t want to ask anything but just say.. you have an amazing cause!!!!!! Really!! I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant (teen mom) and totally happy with being pregnant!! But when I was 16, I was raped. And fell pregnant. Everyone told me to get an abortion, but I couldn’t get myself to kill a defenseless child. unfortunately I lost my baby (that baby) 3 months into my pregnancy due to too much stress. But I still loved him*


Thank you for your story and for choosing life! This is a cause I wish did not have to be fought for. If all of us would just embrace the dignity of innocent human life and protect it from the moment of fertilization, the entire human condition would change for the better.

How can we, after all, feel that other heinous violations of human rights really matter when we can electively kill the most vulnerable and defenseless members of our human family? Abortion is a seething festering wound on our collective consciousness, eating away at our morality and our ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. A difference that you, at least, seem to understand.

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