Aborting Jesus


I want you to know that God can help you not be so judgmental. God doesn’t judge. He fully understands every person’s situation. who are you to judge those who abort their babies? you sicken me.


I’m an atheist, so religious arguments are ineffective at persuading me to change my perspective. Even if I were religious, abortion is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue.

I will defer to my religious friends, but I am fairly certain that your god, who you believe created each and every one of us, would not want his work intentionally destroyed for selfish reasons. I can’t see how you could believe that your god is indifferent to the killing of prenatal children. According to your faith, he could have just created his son, Jesus, as he created Adam, out of thin air. But he chose to have Mary gestate him. Seems to me he would consider the preborn just as important as the born.

You are not only on the wrong side of your god, you are on the wrong side of history. Your legacy will be defined by the thousands of dead children being led to the slaughter each and every day while you stand by and do nothing.

Respond to Aborting Jesus

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