I Will Always Love Her

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You “mourn the death” of your sister, and then have the gall to “forgive” your mother for having an abortion. Have you thought about the fact that your mother loved you so much that she wanted the best life for you, and she knew that having another baby would make that impossible? She did what was best for herself and for you, and then you treat her like she committed a heinous crime and are judging her for it.


My mother was 16 years old when she was impregnated with me. She chose life for me, but wavered three years later when she ended my sister’s life.

I have forgiven her for her choice because she, like so many other women, regrets her decision. She breaks down in tears every time we talk about it. Not because of anything I say, but because she knows that both her and I would have loved that little girl. Both of our lives would be so very different. And she knows that we could have made it, together, as a family.

And I do not treat her like she ‘committed a heinous crime’. She was young and scared and did not have someone like me to help her through. I was only three years old at the time of my sister’s death. That is why I speak for prenatal children. I only wish I could have been my sister’s voice. My mother wishes she had protected her daughter, and has wished that for many years, long before she admitted her abortion to me just a few weeks ago. And she is now staunchly pro-life.

I love my mother and I do not judge her. Just as I am capable of loving any other child’s mother who made the mistake of abortion and now regrets it. I even love the women who continue to advocate for the ‘right’ to kill prenatal children. Because I know that they were born into a culture of death and selfishness. That does not mean that I won’t tell them the cold hard truth. I want them to understand that just because something is legal does not make it right or moral. Especially when they think it’s acceptable to publicly speak about their child’s death like it was just some medical procedure. It’s not, it is robbing someone of their very life.

Even though I never knew my sister, I miss her. And I will never forget that she LIVED and was a member of my family. I will NEVER let her abortion erase her from my life. And I will always love her.

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