Clearing Up Misconceptions


Wow. You know that a zygote/fetus isn’t a human, right? It’s just cells. You aren’t “killing unborn babies”, you are just killing potential. They can’t even exist outside. Let a woman do what she wants with her uterus. It’s her life, not yours.


Wow. I didn’t know that a zygote and a fetus weren’t human. I thought that they were formed by the fusing of the male human spermatazoon haploid gamete with the female human oocyte haploid gamete in a process known as fertilization, thus creating a human diploid zygote.

I guess I did not realize that the fusing of two human DNA carries would produce some other organism, like a rabbit or horse. It must be hard for a human female to deliver a horse.

I also did not realize that you could not be human if you cannot exist outside. Guess we’ll have to strip astronauts and deep sea divers of their human rights. After all, dependency on outside sources of life support apparently defines one’s humanity.

I do agree that a woman should do what she wants with her uterus and her life, but only her life. From the moment a new human life is formed inside her body, your statement, “it’s her life, not yours”, now applies to her child: “it’s the child’s life, not hers”.

Thank you for clearing up all of my misconceptions.

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