The night before last I experienced more pain than I ever thought imaginable. All I can say for any woman considering the use of misoprostol is read up and be prepared…OH and have someone with you, I swear I couldn’t have done it alone. My boyfriend almost took me to the emergency room because I literally was in so much pain I was blacking out, seeing spots, and really thought I just might die.

So, my doctor prescribed me to do two nights in a row at 800 mg each night…let’s just say I’m glad I did my research and knew what to look for because once I saw it I knew it had been effective and that I didn’t need a second night of that.

I know I’m being vague here about all this and am not going into detail, but if anyone is about to use misoprostol instead of the surgical approach and has any questions about my experience I would be more than happy to share.


You just killed your own child and you are acting like you just sprained your ankle? You and your boyfriend should be very proud of yourselves. You just killed a living human being because both of you are too selfish to love your own son or daughter.

Your ‘doctor’ did nothing but serve as an accomplice in the killing. The only silver lining to your depraved act is that you felt pain as your child was dying. I hope it is seared into your uncaring heart.

And since you are so brazen about your lack of respect for the dignity of human life, give us the details you suddenly seem too bashful to share. What did your dead child look like? That is what you are alluding to, right? I am asking and you said you would be ‘more than happy to share’. So share.

I will never forget what you have done. Not because of the sheer callousness and depravity of your act, not because you are so gleefully proud of yourself for destroying life, but because I want your dead child to have at least one human being that will honor their life and their memory.

I hope you never have another opportunity to know life within your womb while you are so willing to destroy it. If you someday come to realize the truth of what you have done, reach out for support and help our world to heal from the devastating wounds of abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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