Illegal, Unthinkable, Non-Existent


I’m sure that you know that in countries where abortion is legal and easily accessible that abortion rates are lower. With this in mind, why do you continue to advocate for making abortion illegal, which would actually increase the number of unsafe abortions that would put hundreds of women in fatal danger.


Your ‘facts’ are derived from the incredibly biased Guttmacher Institute that was founded as a political arm of Planned Parenthood. Although technically no longer associated, I assure you their aims are the same: to continue the killing unchecked.

I don’t want abortion to be dangerous or safe. I want it to be illegal and unthinkable. In other words, non-existent. Because no matter how safe abortion is for the mother, it is almost always fatal for her child.

Abortion is a sad, cruel, and inhuman act. In order for us to progress as human beings, to truly come out of the dark and into the light, we must embrace a culture that respects every human being’s inalienable right to live, regardless of what stage of development they happen to be passing through.

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