Living The Good Life


A life should be welcomed into this world absolutely knowing that someone will care for it. In many situations, this is not the case. Even if you give the child up for adoption, there is no guarantee of it having a good life unless you raise it yourself.


So we should simply extinguish a living human being’s life because he or she MIGHT not live a ‘good’ life? And the only person legally authorized to peer into her crystal ball and make this decision should be the mother who has an incredible conflict of interest in determining whether her child should live of die?

We don’t allow judges to preside over cases involving life or death if they have any conflict of interest or lack of impartiality to the case. Yet you want the one person with the greatest conflict of interest possible to make the decision to take the life away from another?

Every human being is equally valuable. Every innocent child should have a right to live among us, a right to simply be born. It’s up to each of us to then chart our own course.

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