Legalizing abortion doesn’t force anyone to abort, while forbidding it causes pain and sometimes even death to those who need it. Can’t you not abort, and let people who need it do so? Do you have to force your own point of view on them? How can you be 100% sure you are in the right -you’re only human, are you not? Have you never made mistakes? Can’t you let people decide for themselves? Maybe they’re right, you know. Maybe not. Who are you to decide?


Ending abortion isn’t about the woman who wants to kill her child, it’s about the child being killed.

Let me be clear. It’s not about the mother who wants to kill her child. If a mother’s life is in immediate danger of impending death, then everything necessary to save her life must be done. If this effort results in the tragic loss of her child, this is not abortion as the child’s death was not intentional.

I constantly hear the false claim from the ‘pro-choice’ side that pro-life advocates always leave the mother out of the equation. Yet they always, like you just did, leave the child out of the equation.

I don’t just want to make abortion illegal, I want to make it unthinkable.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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