Hey :) new to your blog but wanted to contribute – I would say for myself that if I ever got pregnant, I couldn’t kill it, because for me, that’s a life I created – I don’t say this for religious reasons, it’s just who I am. but I can honestly say if a friend of mine was pregnant and she chose abortion, I would support her regardless – because I believe all life is important, baby and mother – so … does that make me a hypocrite? not asking out of disrespect, just wondering your opinion?


You stated that you believe that the mother and child are both important, but did not state that you believe they are equal. Your stance is not hypocritical, it’s just not moral. When we consider some human beings as less valuable than other human beings, we give rise to great atrocities.

I applaud you for choosing life for any child that may develop within your womb. But consider this: imagine you and your friend were pregnant and she aborted. Now fast-forward two years and imagine she had not aborted and that your two children, now toddlers, are holding hands and playing together. Would you now consider her child less valuable than her mother or less valuable than your child?

What side of the cervix a human being happens to live on does not determine his or her value or worth. It’s an injustice to believe that your prenatal child is worth protecting but your friend’s prenatal child is not. Every human being holds EQUAL VALUE, no matter their size, location, or level of dependency. This is the true meaning of equality.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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