Beyond Insulted


I got raped, pregnant, and miscarried my baby, and every time I read a comment about “trying to protect women from the trauma of rape by letting them abort the baby,” I feel beyond insulted. I would have loved my baby. Do you really think he or she would have been less of a human being, that he deserved to die, because of what someone else did to me? I loved my child. The fact that he’s gone is far more traumatizing than my rape. The rape already happened, why did another tragedy have to?


You have my deepest sympathies for both your tragic rape and the even greater tragedy of losing your precious baby.

Many women cannot help but transfer the guilt of their rapist directly to their innocent prenatal son or daughter. This isn’t necessarily their fault. They were born into a culture that readily accepts the killing of any prenatal child, but especially a child conceived through rape. Somehow, these children aren’t worth protecting or valuing and it’s a sad commentary on our culture.

If you have the strength, please read this heartwarming story about Walter Joshua Fretz. It does contain pictures of Walter shortly after his miscarriage at 19 weeks, but he is so precious. Walter has touched millions of people by showing the world the humanity of children in the womb.

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