In Good Hands


I have found in my travels cultureshift only answers reactionary questions. He may occasionally guilt trip a reasonable and well written query of his “humanity” and belief in womanly life. He thinks he’s above actual debate and it’s pathetic. His daughters must be so worried. I know that’s personal, but he doesn’t believe in my rights to my uterus when I’m pregnant. It’s personal. He’s the ultimate idiot pretending to be a genius and needs some serious help, if only for his kids.


Again, someone who has failed to read my blog. I have answered every question imaginable, some of which took some serious soul searching. I still have one question that I have been struggling with for several weeks that I have yet to answer, but I will once I can provide a logical and well thought out response. Why? Because unlike most abortion cheerleaders, I understand the gravity of my words and opinions.

Swaying just ONE person who then protects the life of her child not only saved that single human being’s life, it saved millions of her decedents who will now live because of one person’s decision. After all, if your great great grandmother had been aborted, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Just because you don’t agree with my answers does not mean that they are incorrect. I have yet to have anyone refute any fact that I have posted. Not one. Why? Because I thoroughly research them before posting, usually using the Guttmacher Institute as my source, even though they are clearly biased toward legalized abortion.

And I can also tell you that my daughters, as well as my son, are in good hands and that they are thoroughly pro-life. Their lives have NEVER been at risk. Something someone like you, who believes that your own prenatal children are disposable, CAN NEVER SAY.

2 responses to In Good Hands

  1. Kitty

    Thank you for what you do. You give the unborn a voice. That is by far more than most people can say. Bless you!!


  2. Kitty

    The above statement i made is intended for Cultureshift. Thanks for your everyday efforts to save the lives of the defenseless.


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