Every time I expose an abortion advocate to the realities of abortion, either through photos, videos, or textual arguments, they invariable cite the below lie…

People like you only value the fetus.

You don’t care about the starving children already in the world, or the children who are abused or homeless. No, as long as the fetus is born, you don’t care if it’s loved or fed or educated or protected.

Way to go, pro-“life”!

You are the very essence of hypocrisy!

What’s interesting is that all of the major charities and private orphanages are run by churches and guess what almost all churches back? The right to life!

Have you ever heard of a Pregnancy Resource Center? Did you know that they provide counseling on parenting, provide free pregnancy testing, give free diapers, cribs, strollers, and other necessities to women to help them provide for their children? To keep them from ‘starving’ and suffering.

I have personally offered to adopt multiple children who were scheduled for abortion and have even offered to pay for their prenatal care. Their mothers all felt it was easier to just kill their children instead of protecting them. As a member of the pro-life community, I contribute to the Spina Bifida Association, Feed the Children, and other charities that support neonatal children.

You know what ‘charities’ abortion advocates throw their time and money into? Planned Parenthood and abortion funding. They focus on the right to kill.

Stop with the lies. Just embrace the truth about abortionembrace the killing. Trying to throw up smoke screens is not going to work because we will never stop exposing it. We will never stop speaking for our prenatal sons and daughters.

Unafraid. Unashamed. Unrelenting.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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