Ah, I see how this blog works! You basically setup impossible scenarios and when people can’t reply you say, “see! this is why abortion is wrong! Let me start with the culture shift idea. In various responses to asks (such as the one about if your 10 yr old daughter became pregnant) you simply ignore the stigma that young pregnant woman face, saying that in a “culture shift” world everyone is treated fairly. WE NEED ABORTION BECAUSE WE DON’T LIVE IN YOUR PERFECT “CULTURE SHIFTED” WORLD!


Not yet, we don’t. Imagine if you stopped promoting abortion and started to promote the dignity of every innocent human life. And imagine if you convinced four of your friends and relatives to do the same. And they then convince four others who convince four others… And all of these people raise pro-life children and pro-life families. Can’t you see that it CAN happen?

But we need YOU to make it a reality. Wouldn’t a world founded on a culture of life and hope be far better than what we have right now? Don’t you see that the foundational principles of any society defines its people? Can’t you see that our foundation is based on the idea that some lives matter less than others? How do you think the killing of our prenatal children affects us? Do you believe the mothers and fathers that have to live with their ‘choice’ to kill their children value human life as much as if that choice had been unthinkable?

Together, we can change the world. Together, we can leave a legacy of hope, of love, of LIFE.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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