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Woah you literally did not answer that last question about where to find a doctor that performs sterilization. You very obviously stepped around it. Person asked you where to get the procedure done by a doctor that will do it. Answer that, don’t assume shit where she is from. Answer the ACTUAL question Cuz despite what you say, I hear of doctors denying people the procedure if they’re under 35 or have less than 3 children. There are people who don’t want any kids at all. HELP SOMEBODY for once


Where someone is from is a very important consideration. It does no good to tell them to go to a doctor in Florida if they live in New Zealand.

The anon did reply with this…

“I’m the anon who asked about sterilization. Born, raised, and still living in America. Doesn’t mean doctors are less weird about tying my tubes, though! So, advice??”

I now know she lives in the United States, but I do not know what state. I will make the best guess I can and go with the most populous state, California. This medical group will perform your sterilization. From their website…

If you want to be sterilized, you should think about when to have it done. First talk to a doctor or counselor. Then, make up your own mind.

A sterilization operation can be done at different times:

You can have a sterilization operation at any time in your adult life. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. It doesn’t matter if you already have children or not. But you should be sure you never want to be pregnant in the future.

You can have a sterilization operation right after having a baby while you are still in the hospital. You should think about this many months before your baby is due. A woman’s feelings can change during pregnancy and childbirth.

You can have a sterilization operation at the same time you have an abortion if you want.

This information was gathered in less than 40 seconds using the power of Google.

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