youve said more than once you think that the mother and fetus share the uterus? in what way is the uterus being shared and how are you defining “shared” in the analogy? what makes the uterus which was originally the mother’s organ suddenly become also the fetus’?


Because the very purpose of a uterus is to hold and protect a newly conceived human being during the initial stages of their life. It’s the very reason for sex. Sex developed over time to be incredibly pleasurable. Why? To entice us into procreating. And it’s incredibly effective. So effective that some do not know how to handle the responsibility.

Our intelligence pulled ahead of evolution and we now believe we have the power to circumvent this system by killing our children. We must accept that sex leads to pregnancy which in turn leads to the birth of a new member of our human family.

This process is responsible for how we arrived into our world. What right do we have to deny this process to others awaiting their turn at birth? Just because we were fortunate enough to survive a culture of death where our lives were not valued while in the womb does not mean we cannot end this selfish and depraved act.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself once again living in the womb. Listening to the rush of your mother’s blood all around you, comforted by her rhythmic heartbeat and the warmth of your amniotic fluid. We are here today because a strong woman protected us through all nine months of gestation. Is it too much to ask the same of those who followed her into this world?

Pregnancy and motherhood represent the most beautiful manifestation of humanity left in this world. It offsets all of the pain and suffering so common to our human experience. Abortion only serves to diminish this ray of light by not only killing a child full of potential, but by demoralizing a mother who could have known the love of her own son or daughter.

Abortion is the killing of an innocent living human being. Together we can literally breed a culture of life that will usher in a new era founded on the dignity and beauty of human life and the belief that everyone has a place in this world.

Will you join us?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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