Focusing On What Matters


Cultureshift. Why are you refusing to answer if you are a man or not? Do you think people will look at your point less seriously if you admit to being a man? I even asked you off anon so you could privately message me. And yet no answer. I think the fact that you won’t answer makes me feel as if you are two faced.


Why does my gender, sexual orientation, political party, nationality, race, ethnicity, marital status, or eye color matter to this debate? The fact is, it doesn’t, at all. An argument should stand on its own merit. It either makes sense or it does not make sense. What genitalia the mind that originated the argument possesses is relevant only to those who cannot critically reason and wish to detract from and demonize the source of the argument.

  • Should only women be able to fight for women’s rights?
  • Should only young girls be able to fight sex trafficking?
  • Should only gay and lesbian people be able to fight for marriage equality?
  • Should only minorities be able to fight for racial equality?
  • Should only the disabled be able to fight for equal treatment?
  • Should only animals be able to fight for animal rights?
  • Should only the preborn be able to fight for their right to life?

As I hope you can see, my personal traits have no bearing on whether something is moral or immoral or whether something is just or unjust.

Together, we can change the world. Stay focused on protecting what matters, the right of our prenatal children to live among us. Today, another 120,000 children were killed by abortion while we debate my gender.

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