The Benefits Of Killing Babies


Sorry to weigh in on this but I find other people’s views interesting is all and is like to explain mine. Humans don’t view death as a bad thing and I think that’s where your statement, not beliefs, go wrong in an argumentative situation. We think that ‘killing’ the foetus isn’t all that bad because it benefits us and isn’t conscious or of equal intelligence to a human. It’s much the same with the consumption of animals. It’s warranted by humans because it benefits us and the animal is less.


I understand fully why people think the killing of their own prenatal child is acceptable. Most people that believe this depraved act is acceptable would not elevate their child even to the level of an animal, more like bacteria. This helps them, like you, to dehumanize them and make their slaughter easier. But even then, many women harbor guilt because of their actions for the rest of their lives.

You stated that a human fetus is not equal in intelligence to us and that makes it acceptable to kill them if it provides a direct benefit to the ones already born. Does your logic apply to an infant? After all, they are not of equal intelligence and killing them may directly benefit others.

Killing an innocent living human being is never acceptable, regardless of what side of the cervix they happen to live on.

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