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I find it weird that these other atheists are saying you aren’t one because you ‘sound like a Christian’. Firstly, they themselves are the ones who sound like fundies: “You aren’t Christian/Atheist because you don’t believe what I do!” And they are just feeding the stereotype that atheists can’t be moral. While simultaneously smashing the stereotype that atheists are all about science! This is actually kind of funny.


It is interesting, isn’t it? What I have learned about the abortion debate is that people will contort logic and reason in any way necessary to keep the killing on track.

I believe men want to keep the abortion mills running so they can avoid child support payments. Women want to keep them at full capacity to avoid caring for their children. Abortion isn’t required to avoid parenting because adoption is an option.

That’s why it’s crystal clear that the root cause of abortion is selfishness. There is really no doubt about this. I have actually had abortion advocates argue with me that women kill their prenatal children because they love them. Let me repeat that — women kill their prenatal sons and daughters because they love them. Yet, I constantly hear about how prenatal children are parasites and clumps of cells from this same group.

Abortion, when boiled down to its ugly core, is simply the killing of innocent living human beings. And we allow it because we were here first and those awaiting their turn at birth just don’t matter. The very epitome of selfishness.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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