A woman is pregnant with multiples, which increases the chance that they are born premature more and more for each fetus. A doctor thus advises her to selectively reduce her pregnancy, because the more premature they’re born, the less likely any of them survive. What do you think? Stick to your guns and disallow aborting any while knowing in the end they may all die before they even get a shot at life, or sacrifice one or more so that the rest may live?


Pregnancy reduction is simply another form of electively induced abortion. Women have carried multiple pregnancies for millions of years prior to the relatively recent medical advances making the selective killing of one or more of the children sharing their mother’s womb possible.

A multiple pregnancy is more challenging than a single pregnancy. But how do you know the pregnancy will lead to a preterm delivery? You don’t. Yet you would KILL one or more living human beings just in case? This is the same argument for killing a single child in the womb when assumptions and predictions are made about the quality of life they will experience or whether or not their mother will have a safe delivery. You would rather kill these children than give them a chance at life.

Killing off one or more children involved in a multiple pregnancy continues to destroy the moral fabric of our human family. Ethical boundaries are not just crossed, but blown away when pregnancy reductions are considered…

Which of the children should die?

Should you kill the girl or the boy if both sexes are present?

Should you reduce the pregnancy below twins since they do not pose any major risk?

What if the pregnancy started out as twins and the parents just don’t want twins?

These are some of the horrible choices that arise when discussing this ‘option’. Once these questions are answered, the reduction must be done using the aid of a live sonogram and is typically performed at the third month of pregnancy.

Quintuplets Ultrasound

A ‘doctor’ pierces the mother’s abdomen with a long needle and must seek his target while watching them on the sonogram. Once he zeros in, he proceeds to push the needle into the child’s chest and injects him or her with a fatal dose of potassium chloride.

These now dead children shrivel within the womb and remain there with their living brothers or sisters until delivery. Of course, if this is a twin reduction, then what would have been the remaining child’s closest companion during childhood is now just a corpse floating next to them for the next six months.

This is what we have become. This is what we must change. We are sinking into a moral abyss as more and more ‘options’ to destroy prenatal children become available.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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