You’re not pro-“life”, you’re pro-embyro. You seem to only care about the could-be child up until it’s born and adopted. What you’re doing is trying to take away bodily autonomy from women, and some of those embryos you care so much about? They could end up women. You care about the fetus existing, not its rights. So riddle me this: why do you so obviously care more about a blob of unthinking tissue than an actual human being with memories and feelings, and then claim to be “pro-life”?


I realize you are young and you have much to learn about the very dark nature of human beings. When we devalue any innocent human life, we devalue all human life. The killing of our prenatal children is immoral and unjust. And remember, that ‘actual’ human being you think I don’t care about, she would not be here today, thinking and making memories, if she had never been that ‘blob of unthinking tissue’.

I am working toward a future where all innocent human life is equally valued. In this world, our culture will be founded on the principle of the dignity and beauty of life, not on the selfish desires of individuals. Abortion will become unthinkable, not just illegal. This world is possible with the help of people like you. It’s wrong to intentionally kill innocent living human beings, no matter the reason.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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