All We Can Do


stopping all abortions isnt the way to go about protecting human life and human rights. abortion will never stop, legal or illegal. we need to support sex ed. people need to know what sex entails,the importance of safe sex, the safest and easiest ways to prevent pregnancies. this is what will ultimately prevent most abortions. nobody WANTS to get an abortion but some people have no other choice. working so that people dont have to make the choice of whether or not to abort is all we can do


I agree that sex education is extremely important as well as readily available non-abortifacient birth control and I work toward these preventative measures.

But your argument that we should not outlaw the killing of our prenatal children because people will do it anyway is flawed. Given this thinking, why not legalize rape and child abuse? People are doing it anyway. Think of all the money we would save by not having to hold trials and incarcerate people. The world would be so much better off. After all, human life isn’t really that valuable. Right?

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