Self Defeating Logic


Hon you need to realize that without abortions,more children and women would be dying from complications and childbirth,or disease,or living in pain,or living in poverty. It’s perfectly fine that you don’t support having a fetus aborted (not a baby-A baby is a human being that is possible to survive outside the womb. A fetus is growing into the baby and,while it may have a heartbeat, IS NOT A CHILD),but trying to guilt women to have the same views as you is wrong.


I assume you are like most abortion advocates who become pro-life at the ‘moment’ of viability, or as you put it, “a baby is a human being that is possible to survive outside the womb”. This happens around the 23rd week of gestation, though there have been cases of children surviving as early as 21 weeks. Interestingly enough, a child is still considered a ‘fetus’ until he or she exits the womb. Trying to determine who should live and who should die by playing semantics is a dangerous game.

Since you believe that a fetus is a baby at viability and only fetuses should be aborted, not babies, then you are also making women feel guilty that may want an abortion after that point.

You really shouldn’t guilt women into keeping their prenatal child after 23 weeks. After all, it’s legal to kill them up to the moment of birth in the United States [Doe v. Bolton, 1973].

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