Small Beginnings


This is an embryo…at 5 days…inside the eye of a needle. Doesn’t look like any “baby” I’ve ever seen.


Nope. It doesn’t look like an infant, because it’s not an infant. But it’s thoroughly human and thoroughly a person. I think it’s absolutely beautiful that a new human being can be so tiny and precious and vulnerable.


We look different at every stage of life, but that doesn’t make us less human or less valuable. This embryo is exactly what a human is supposed to look like at this stage of life. An infant doesn’t look like a teenager, but doesn’t she hold just as much value?

We only devalue prenatal human beings for two reasons: we can’t see them and they don’t always look like us. We can only stomach killing them for one reason: they cannot speak.

YOU once looked EXACTLY like the human in this photo. And look at you now.

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