Mental Disorders


You can’t honestly believe everyone is equal. I unfortunately have a heap of mental disorders and even I can admit to myself that I’m not equal to most people as because of my disorders I can’t contribute as much to the world. This can also be applied to a fetus as while it is a fetus it can’t positively contribute to the world and therefore it surely doesn’t have as much worth as a born person.


You couldn’t be more wrong, both about yourself and about our prenatal children. YOU are a beautifully unique human being with just as much worth and value as any other. You bring love to others and others love you.

You may struggle with some aspects of your life, but you still have unlimited potential to grow and contribute. And this is what makes our prenatal children just as valuable — they too have unlimited potential to do amazing and wonderful things. They are not simply potential human beings, they are actual human beings with great potential.

Never feel like you are less valuable than anyone else. The fact that you could ever feel that way is a byproduct of the dehumanization of the prenatal members of our human family. This dehumanization is the basis for our culture of death. By simply accepting the fact that you hold equal value to everyone else, including our prenatal children, you can begin to change the world.

Respond to Mental Disorders

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