Dear Reader,

I feel like this is something I should not have to say, and yet here I am: having to say it.

It is never okay to send hurtful messages to anyone.

Telling someone they deserve to be assaulted or that they deserve to die is horrible. And I will not stand by and let anyone do it.

Lost FriendWhy does this bother me so much?

Because that amazing, sarcastic, and huggable girl is no longer here. I can’t call her. I can’t text her. I can’t run around the church barefoot, hoping we don’t get caught, with her. She’s gone.

And it’s all because of people sending her anonymous messages calling her a whore, a slut, and a desperate cunt. It’s because of anonymous messages telling her she didn’t deserve to live and that she should kill herself. It’s because people didn’t have the decency to leave her alone when she asked them to stop.

Look, I get why the pro-choice and pro-life side don’t like each other. I know that people have blunt and abrasive personalities and that’s totally awesome. I get it, and I understand. I dislike the pro-life point of view just as much as anyone else. Nothing makes me angrier than someone who doesn’t think I have the right to my own body.

That doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated poorly.

You can get your point across in a respectful manner – it might be difficult, but it’s definitely possible. Remember that the whole point of debating is education. What good is education if someone is screaming at you the whole time?

I am upset that I had to make this post. I am upset because I had to bring up Megan as an example that words hurt. Oh, how much do I hurt that I had to bring up her story. I love remembering her beautiful personality and our friendship – but I cannot stand remembering her death. It pains me greatly and there is no way on this Earth that anyone could understand that. But when I discovered the terrible things being said to people (on both sides of this heavy debate), I could not just sit here and do nothing. I will not let another person tell someone else that they are worthless and that they should die. We are all people.

I am a person.

onethirdgone is a person.

antiprolife is a person.

prowomanprolife is a person.

your-choice-your-rights is a person.

your-unborn-child is a person.

And yes, even cultureshift is a person.

So I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect on this. Think about the person on the other side of the screen. Are they 14? 19? 28? Do they have a dog who thinks they hung the moon? Do they love a good veggie pizza just as much as you do? Perhaps they’re in school; studying to be something amazing. I’ll bet they missed that one spot shaving – just like you did two weeks ago.

Fighting the good fight is awesome. I love doing what I do, and I love conversing with others who oppose my beliefs. People are interesting and it is humbling to know that I can speak with someone halfway across the world with one simple blog.

I pray that you remember this post in the back of your mind. Remember that yeah, you completely disagree with someone, but they are a person and they have feelings. Store these words right next to that odd whale fact you didn’t need to know, but thought it would be totally awesome to have an odd whale fact hanging around. (Don’t know any whale facts? There are sperm whales alive today that have been alive since before the publication of Moby Dick in 1851).

Take a breather. You all are doing such a great job; your hard work shows.

With love,



I wish you could realize that Megan was a person while living in her mother’s womb and deserved your love and protection even then. In fact, abortion is the very act of telling someone they are worthless and deserve to die. I know I can be hard hitting, but not as hard as our prenatal children are being hit. You know my motto — Unafraid. Unashamed. Unrelenting. But not Uncaring. If I didn’t care about all of you, I wouldn’t try so hard to win your hearts.

We must all walk this often dark and scary world together, I just want to make it a brighter place for EVERY HUMAN BEING to enjoy by building a culture founded on the beauty of life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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