If I were unwanted, I would gladly be aborted. I’d a) put less stress on my parent(s), therefore not forcing them into an 18 year commitment they could not financially support or mentally support, b) stop my mother from going through a possibly traumatic and unwanted pregnancy, and c) want to give my future ‘siblings’ a better chance at having a loving, stable life. Best thing, I don’t know I exist. What say you about this POV? You assume that all want to be born no matter the results. Wrong!


Should this apply to infants as well? What if your parents were struggling when you were six months old? According to this logic, they should have the option to kill you.

Why not when you were 12 years old? That would save them from six additional years of having to support you.

I have heard this ‘argument’ before. It’s easy to claim that you would support your mother if she wanted to legally kill you now that you’ve been safely born and are protected by the law. Why not give up your life right now? If she shoots you in the head while you are sleeping, you will never know you existed, just like if she had paid an abortionist to tear you apart limb-by-limb while living in her womb.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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