Disabled Ableism

This comment references this post.


“Nine out of ten children with Down syndrome are abandoned to abortion. They are just as valuable as you and I.”

If a DS person is just as valuable as a fully-able/mildly disabled person, let’s see you try and make them solve an engineering problem, construction issue, or rescue a horse having post-foaling complications. Go ahead. I’ll be waiting. (And before you say anything, I’m disabled as well.)


This is further evidence of how the cancer of abortion eats away at a culture’s core values.

This person believes that a human being afflicted with Down syndrome is not as valuable as she is. That we have every right to kill them in the womb because they can’t do the things that she can do.

This mentality affects more than just the killing of the disabled and mentally challenged. It also has an enormous impact on the female population through sex-selective abortion. When people believe that it is acceptable to kill other innocent human beings, we soon lose our moral compass. We drift into darkness.

Please, pro-choice, know what you advocate for. You are better than human abortion. We all are.

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