Impeccable Rhetoric

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And the genius and impeccable rhetoric of the hallowed cultureshift strikes again! Wow, great job there, really, I can only applaud your almost unbelievable ability to just sidestep question like its your job! Seriously, are you a politician? Because if you’re not, you sure as hell should be. Your argument has very simple yet important flaw; in all your efforts to reaffirm the rights of the fetus, you continually fail to account for the rights of that very fetus’ own mother.


Then you need to re-read my rebuttal. The point I was making is that NO HUMAN BEING HAS THE RIGHT TO DENY ANOTHER HUMAN BEING OF THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS. Once a mother is pregnant, it is her evolutionary responsibility to carry her child to term. For the same reason she has no right to kill her infant child, she has no right to kill her prenatal child.

The mother and her child have an EQUAL right to life. Evolution created this dichotomy of human rights, we are simply beholden to it. Killing prenatal human beings is an amoral attempt to circumvent this dichotomy and is a violation of the most basic of all human rights — the right to life.

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