Sex Is Awesome


also I love sex. sex is awesome.

it feels great, and it makes me feel great.

I like having sex.

I also like the fact that I can use contraceptives to lower the chance of pregnancy significantly.

but what I don’t like is the idea that some people think it’s alright to force me through a potential pregnancy (if the contraceptives fail) if I do not wish to carry through to term.

you can’t dictate what I do with my body.

so stop trying.


We all love sex, it is definitely awesome. I agree it feels great. I, too, like having sex. I absolutely agree with these statements, as do 99% of our fellow human beings.

Sex feels great for one reason — evolution. Sex leads to orgasm which leads to male ejaculation which leads to insemination of a female which can lead to pregnancy. The entire point of the release of endorphins during orgasm is to encourage us to reproduce. If sex didn’t feel good, who would actually go through all that work and mess to have it?

You are literally saying that because you are addicted to the release of endorphins produced by orgasm that if you ‘fall’ pregnant then you should have the right to KILL another human being. Drug addicts will stoop to incredible lows to get their next fix. Many will even kill for that endorphin rush. Just like, it seems, you would.

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