My dearest Cultureshift,

Once again you have seemed to miss the point of a PRO-CHOICE post on tumblr, completely. Firstly, I would like to address the fact that ‘choice’ is the operative word in this debate. Cultureshift, you make it seem as though the pro-choice movement is pressuring all pregnant women* into having abortions, and you are grossly mistaken.

You blatantly ignored the fact that my argument was about ensuring women* have the ability to choose what happens to their bodies. It was definitely NOT about ‘killing’ a ‘child’. If you are going to argue with me, I would like to ask you to use the correct medical terms such as ‘fetus’, instead of ‘unborn child’.

Abortion is very often either the only viable (unlike a fetus) option for a woman* in order to save her education/career/life. Or it is a last resort. Nowhere amongst those of us who believe women* possess the rights to control what happens to their bodies do you see a conversation taking place that looks like this:

“Babe, I’m pregnant, let’s go abort this sucker and laugh about it over drinks.”

No, Cultureshift. You choose to ignore the fact that a very basic human right is one which allows people to choose what they use their bodies for, and the fact that decisions they make about their bodies are their own. And of course that does not even take into account the fact that women have something called ‘bodily autonomy’ and fetuses DO NOT.

We are not advocating for a world where abortion is the social norm, and the only option someone has once they become pregnant is to abort the fetus. No, on the contrary, we are doing all we can to ensure that every single human being (fetuses are not granted this title yet) have the OPTION to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

I would also like to address the fact that most of the abortions that happen very late into the pregnancy are those which are needed in order to save the woman’s* life. You would be hard-pressed to find an individual who has carried around a fetus for 6-8 months and then decides that they don’t want to go through with it.

The majority of abortions happen within the first trimester of a woman’s* pregnancy, when the development of the fetus is basically non-existent.

So Cultureshift, tell me. Do you deny the fact that every single human being outside of the womb has the right to bodily autonomy? Because if you do, you aren’t simply advocating for the ‘unborn’. You are advocating for a world in which women* will be forced through pregnancy unwillingly, leaving them with the possibility of very severe mental trauma. You are advocating for a world where people’s rights can and will be stripped away because of a few fanatical views of how the world should work.

Cultureshift, it’s my humble opinion that it is due time for you to realize that what you are arguing for would hinder, hurt, and abuse many women.*

It is fine to have opinions, as I have stated before. What is unacceptable is the misguided belief you have that it is your right to tell a woman* what can and cannot be done with her body.

Pro-choice paints a picture of a society where people possess the ability to make choices about their bodies without being forced to do things they do not want to do. Pro-choice does not stop at abortion. Pro-choice is a way of living- a perception of a world in which every single human being (once again, I would like to point out that a fetus does not possess bodily autonomy) has the right to bodily autonomy, and decides what happens to their bodies on their OWN.

Think about it.


This appeal references this post.

Dear Silent-Dialogue,

I appreciate your calm yet condescending tone. Although you continue to marginalize the human rights of our prenatal children, it’s refreshing to hear someone trample their rights with such aplomb. These appeals to continue the unadulterated legalized killing of innocent living human beings are usually laced with profanities and insults. For that, I commend you.

I did not miss the point of your plea to continue the killing. I simply chose to point out the glaring hypocrisy of your statement that the women electing to kill their sons and daughters were innocent in their deaths because they were not the ones ‘pulling the trigger’.

Using the euphemism of ‘choice’ as a stand in for the reality of what abortion is — the slaughter of innocent human beings, does not bolster your claims. Nor does your desire for me to use the medical term of ‘fetus’ as a way for you to distance yourself from this same reality provide any credence to your position. Do we, in everyday conversation, tell someone that we have to go by the school after work to pick up our adolescent? No, we simply say ‘child’. Trying to divert attention away from the fact that a fetus is a prenatal child is the weakest form of persuasion.

The abortion advocates I hold the most respect for come out and say what they know to be true — that a ‘fetus’ is a human being with a beating heart and that they could care less because the mother’s happiness overrides her child’s very life. This is unabashed selfishness, but at least it is hypocrisy-free thinking. I suggest you adopt it. Quit sugar coating what abortion is. Just embrace the killing and live hypocrisy free.

So after all of your euphemisms are stripped away, and the reality that a human embryo and a human fetus are actually living human beings is acknowledged, the only viable argument you have left is bodily autonomy. The premise that because a human being is reliant on external life support means that they are not entitled to the protection of our laws, our Constitution, or basic human rights is flawed on many levels. You might want to explain that to the millions of people who rely on feeding tubes, mechanical ventilation, heart/lung bypass, urinary catheterization, dialysis, and artificial pacemakers, to name a few of the various life sustaining systems in use today.

This “basic human right” of allowing people to choose what they use their bodies for may require a careful review on your part. May you legally ingest cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, or other controlled substances? Why not? It’s your body after all. There are many legal limits on what you can do with your autonomous body because of the impacts your choices have on society writ large.

It is the epitome of selfishness bordering on eugenics to deny an innocent living human being possessing the potential to either gain independence or to participate in our society on a limited bases unbridled access to the life sustaining support they require to continue to live. It is a requirement of evolution that females provide this life support to their children while they complete their embryonic and fetal stages of development. We cannot change this fact so we must therefore embrace this process by changing the way we think about it.

A female is no less a human being for gestating a child. In fact, she is above all others while doing so and that is the crux of cultureshift — to place this reality forefront in every human mind. That a pregnant mother is the nexus of humanity and the embodiment of hope for the future. That regardless of age, social status, or manner of conception, the mother of a prenatal child is the first priority of a people whose culture is based on the dignity of human life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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