If you’ve had an abortion, you don’t need to forgive yourself because you have done nothing wrong.

And you sure as hell don’t need the forgiveness of anyone else in your life. People who say they forgive you for decisions that have nothing to do with them are narcissists who think their feelings are more important than your well-being. They need you to feel guilty in order to validate their opinions.

They can fuck off to reevaluate their significance in the lives of others.

You can feel happy or sad or relieved or happy and sad and relieved, but you do not have to answer to anyone for your choice because it is none of their business and



you. have. done. nothing. wrong.


Every woman that committed an abortion and realizes she made a terrible mistake and no longer advocates for the killing of prenatal children should be forgiven and allowed to heal. And to say that people don’t need the forgiveness of others is just plain wrong. Unless you are religious, where else do you have to turn to for forgiveness? You may forgive yourself, but this is not enough for the vast majority of people.

And yes, you do have to answer to others for your decision to kill your prenatal son or daughter. Try to lift yourself out of the selfish world you live in for a moment and realize that the child you killed was his or her father’s son or daughter, too. That your child was someone else’s grandson or granddaughter. Someone else’s niece or nephew or cousin. The world does not revolve around just you.

Abortion affects us all, especially those who, like me, know that the life of a prenatal child is no different than the life of a born child. It causes us heartache and anguish every day we wake up and have to think about all of the children that will die that day and when we lay down to sleep we think about all of the children scheduled to die tomorrow. It’s unimaginably painful for us to live in a society where the lives of our developing children are so unimportant to so many, that they are so unloved by even their own mothers and fathers.

Abortion is the elective killing of an innocent living human being.



you. have. done. something. wrong.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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