I was wondering why you have not answered the three polite asks I sent you in regards to your opinion on IVF? Is it that you’re not well informed on the topic, or have no interest in it? I would very much appreciate a response.


I’m very interested in the topic of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and apologize for the delay. Because of what’s at stake — millions of innocent human lives, I wanted to provide a well thought out answer, not the one or two sentence quips you routinely see from abortion advocates. They hold no respect for the dignity and value of prenatal human life, so they feel no need to seriously consider the bioethics of killing these human beings.

In vitro fertilization, or fertilization in glass, is the introduction of the male gamete DNA carrier, or spermatozoa, to the female gamete DNA carrier, or oocyte, in an artificial environment outside of the female’s reproductive tract. The other primary method of artificial fertilization is in vivo fertilization, where the spermatozoa are simply injected into a fertile female’s vagina or directly into her uterus.

Because in vivo fertilization is, for all practical matters, the same as insemination by copulation, there are no ethical concerns regarding the abandonment of an already conceived human being.

In vitro fertilization does present enormous ethical concerns because actual fertilization occurs outside of the female’s reproductive tract where multiple fertilized eggs (human beings) are created. If every one of these new human lives were introduced into the uterus, there would be no concern, assuming no more are introduced than can be carried to term by the mother. But this is often not the case. The ones not chosen, for any number of reasons, are usually frozen for later use or destroyed. Eventually, even the frozen embryos will be killed if not implanted.

There are millions of frozen human beings in stasis right now. As I have stated many times, life begins at fertilization. This is a scientific fact and plain common sense. Your eye color, hair color, sex, facial features, and every other imaginable trait is determined at the very instant the male and female haploid gametes fuse. You are who you will be at the exact moment this bio-chemical reaction occurs binding each set of 23 chromosomes into the 46 chromosomes required for human life.

Destroying the human embryos that were not selected for introduction into the female’s uterus is ethically no different than using an abortifacient drug or manually killing a prenatal child intrauterin by vacuum aspiration, dilation and evacuation, saline poisoning, or any other depraved methodology.

Human life begins at fertilization and therefore, human rights, to include the right to live, must begin at fertilization. How small we are or how developed we are should have no bearing on our humanity. A newborn infant is less developed than a toddler who is again less developed than a teenager who is less developed than an adult. Do we assign an increasing value on their humanity as they continue to develop after birth? The answer is no. Then why do we assign an increasing value to humanity prior to birth? Even most abortion advocates become pro-life at around 20-24 weeks of gestation. This is assigning value based on level of development.

What seems complex is actually quite simple — innocent human life is just as valuable at the moment of fertilization as it is at the moment of natural death. Adopting this simple philosophy removes all moral ambiguity and would forever change our culture and our world for the better.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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