Forced To Protect Or Allowed To Kill


A few people have told me that they’ve sent you asks regarding this topic and you’ve answered none of them, so I’m gonna try. What if a very young girl becomes pregnant? You’d really want a child to be forced to carry a pregnancy to term?


I have answered this question before in many posts where I stated there is never a good reason to kill an innocent living human being, regardless of stage of development. The only exception is if the mother is in grave physical danger of impending death. In this case, every effort possible should be made to save the child’s life in addition to their mother’s.

I addressed the rape of a sixteen year old child in a prior question. But I assume, like all abortion advocates, you are trying to ferret out the extremely rare cases to validate the remaining ninety-seven plus percent of abortions that are committed against healthy babies carried by healthy mothers.

I assume you are asking about a child even younger than sixteen years old. Let’s say she is twelve years old. Does the age of the mother suddenly change the value of the human being she is carrying? This is the same concept as assigning value to preborn children based on their gestational age. Most pro-choice advocates become pro-life when a preborn child reaches somewhere between 20-24 weeks. So what you are now attempting to do is add another variable to the equation for determining the value of an unborn human being.

By your logic, the younger the mother is, the more moral the killing of her unborn son or daughter becomes.

By my logic, an innocent human being is just as valuable from the moment of fertilization to the moment of their natural death.

The age of the mother, nor the circumstance of conception, determines the value of the human being she is carrying and that value equals the value of any post-born human being. If you would not kill an infant for any reason, then you should not kill an unborn child for any reason.

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