Casting Stones


look what an ex college friend of mine just posted.

she’s certainly never been on tumblr, see how that comment couldn’t be posted, it’s because she deleted it about 15 minutes after posting it, clearly someone replied and she didn’t like it so she ran away.

everyone’s going to have an opinion, especially on a subject like this…..i’m pro choice and was getting ready to go full throtal, guess not.

but i would of respected her if she stood by her convictions even if i don’t agree with what she’s saying.


Both you and your former friend are wrong. There should be no date when abortion is legal. She is clearly conflicted on when a prenatal human being should be killed, so perhaps there is hope that her humanity is salvageable.

To avoid hypocrisy, you must be in favor of killing a prenatal child up until the moment of birth. If you are against killing a child at the eighth month, but are fine with killing him or her at the sixth month, then you are no different than your ex-friend.

To avoid hypocrisy, you are either in favor of killing prenatal children through all nine months or you are pro-life and believe that life, along with human rights, begins at the moment of fertilization.

Don’t cast stones in a glass house.

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