WARNING:  Life is often beautiful, but when a society allows the killing of its own prenatal children, some members of that society completely lose their moral bearings.

WARNING:  This is an extremely upsetting question that was posted on Yahoo! Answers. Using abortion as either sexual fantasy or for sexual gratification is real and truly shows the levels of depravity the human mind is capable of. It also shows what can happen when we allow the killing of our prenatal children for ANY REASON AT ALL. What this person is sharing is COMPLETELY LEGAL in the United States of America.

Please help end the tragedy of human abortion. Contact your state and federal representatives as soon as possible and urge them to support any bills currently in process or urge them to sponsor new legislation NOW.

If you don’t believe this is real, you need to do your own research. I recommend using the search term ‘abortion fetish’. I am not going to provide links to these sites here. It’s important to know how far ‘pro-choice’ can be taken. And no abortion advocate can speak out against this practice without being a hypocrite – “ABORTION ON DEMAND AND WITHOUT APOLOGY’ is their mantra after all.

Directly quoted ask…

One of my friends is sexually submissive and recently she encountered a man online who is to be her sexual dominant. The two of them have come to the conclusion that they are soulmates and one of the ideas that they particularly agree on is that he should be able to impregnate her and then abort the baby. He is a doctor so he would do it himself. My question is, she says that because abortion is legal… this isn’t immoral. But I feel that it is premeditated murder. I mean, I am pro-choice: accidents, rape – there are lots of reasons to abort. But she is PLANNING to get pregnant for the sole reason to kill the child. And not just once… they want to do this thing over and over again. He says, “I will let you keep the baby just long enough to let you get attached to it and then I will take it from you.” UGH. Am I the only one that thinks this is INSANE?! I mean, sure abortion is legal.. but premeditated PLANNED abortion?!? How in the world can I express to her how wrong this is? Help!!

Additional follow-up to the original plea for help…

Yes, this question is serious. We have been friends forever and I have no idea how to get it into her head that this man and his desires are sick and twisted. It’s NOT just a fetus. Or… so what if it is… Its still killing a living thing for sexual purposes. Even if you killed an animal to get off, its still disgusting. Why isn’t this illegal? Coz it just hasn’t come up?? Is she the only fruitcake out there that is doing this stuff? And another thing… is it legal for the man to use his medical license to continuously abort his girlfriends pregnancies? The doctor told my friend that he planned on doing the procedures after hours because then he will have access to the necessary equipment. I’m fairly sure (considering he is a sports medicine doctor) that he doesn’t have a license to practice abortions?? Am I right in that? I have tried to talk to her several times. I have told her that murder, no matter how many cells it has, for sexual pleasure is wrong. I mean, this isn’t even a “crime” of passion. They aren’t in the heat of the moment! They are coldly discussing this and even calculating the time she is ovulating as their next meeting date. Nothing I say seems to make a difference to her and… I don’t understand. She has had an abortion recently with another man and she was SO torn up about it. It made her hormonal and she cried, got angry… it was the hugest emotional rollercoaster for her. But she thinks it will be somehow sexy with this man? What do you even begin to say to that? Every argument I come up with she counters with “Its just a fetus.” Is there no rationalizing with her? I am afraid of the future for our friendship because if I can’t convince her not to do this… I can’t stand by and watch her do it repeatedly and I will have to try and stop them. I mean, I’m morally obligated to tell?

Even I was unaware of this form of human depravity until today. I only post this because it exposes the depths of horror that human abortion can reach. It exposes why we MUST shift our culture from one of death and depravity to one based on the beauty and dignity of human life.

Take action to end this atrocity!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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