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Thank you for the reply, but I’m still seeing you tell me about anti abortion. I’m not questioning the value of life with this particular instance. I’m asking you how it’s a good idea for my niece to carry this child to term. Regardless of any ifs, we’re not in charge of her decision. I am not, you are not. I want to know your ideas on the benefits of her going through the pregnancy, the body changes, the ripping of her vagina, or the c-section. Considering the details of my last question.


It takes nine months to gestate a child. I know it’s not an easy nine months and I know there are permanent changes to the mother’s body. Whether it be stretch marks, scarring from a Cesarean section, or the need for an episiotomy, these things should not make a mother feel ashamed. They are a part of the amazing and beautiful process of reproduction.

The benefits of carrying her living son or daughter to term is that she won’t have to carry the guilt and regret associated with killing her child. Whether she keeps her child or places them for adoption, she will live guilt free. She will live knowing she provided life to another, not live knowing she killed another.

The value of a human being should never be measured by the manner of their conception. We all have a right to live, even while awaiting our birth. We must embrace this concept and make the dignity of human life the foundation of our shared values and culture.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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