How about when crime was peaking in the 1990’s and all of the sudden it DROPPED dramatically? It is a proven fact that the reason it dropped so quickly was because the unwanted children that would have been born and raised in an unstable household had the mother not been provided an abortion, that would have been more likely to become criminals themselves, were not born due to the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973. The same children that you are trying to save may grow up to be murderers themselves.


First, I must say that it’s refreshing to see an abortion advocate admit that making abortion illegal will have a dramatic downward effect on the rate of abortions since clearly their occurrence greatly increased following legalization in 1973.

This is your argument for the mass slaughter of millions of our unborn son’s and daughter’s? Because a tiny percentage of them may someday commit a crime??

Because life beings at the moment of conception and there is absolutely no difference in that human being’s DNA from that moment to their last moment, why not apply your crime fighting technique to newborns? Why not kill every teenage child that commits a crime since they are clearly showing an intent to increase our crime rate statistics?

Killing an innocent human being, regardless of what side of the cervix they happen to be living on, is a violation of their most basic human rights — the right to life.

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