Focus on the living children that need your help. The children who don’t have parents to speak for them because they were abandoned. Think about those lives. Think about the sadness those children face day after day. Why do people like you exist? I ask who ever is up there that question everyday. I fight the flow of ignorance that people like you create. EVERY DAY. I wish I could rid the world of you all. You are spreading ignorance like a cancer. But you are too blind to see that. It’s tragic.


It’s really hard to focus on the living when there are so many dying around me. People like you are spreading abortion like a cancer.

I assure you, I do help the living (both inside and outside the womb) and do feel anguish about all of the horrible atrocities facing humanity. But I must do all I can to stop the epidemic levels of killing brought on by the depraved act of human abortion accepted by a culture and a society that has lost its way.

Although I disagree with your idea that our prenatal children have no value and are disposable at the whim of their mother’s desires, I do not wish I could rid the world of you. I only want to rid the world of the idea that abortion is an acceptable means to an end. I not only want to make abortion illegal, I want to make abortion UNTHINKABLE.

You, who I love as a fellow human being, are the one who is blind. You lack empathy for our most vulnerable members and you lack the ability to visualize what is hidden inside of a pregnant mother’s womb. There is a living human being there, developing just like you once did, with every right to life that you and I now enjoy.

Together, we can end abortion and restore our collective humanity. Let me help you to see again.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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