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Part of the reason I am so strongly pro-choice is that yes, even though abortions are sad, making them illegal will not do much to save lives. You’re pro-life, right? Believe it or not, many pro-choice people are also pro-life in that they value life but realize that making abortion illegal is unnecessary and dangerous, and not saving lives like “pro-life” people think they do. From one of your previous posts:

“Do you really believe that if abortion is illegal and the law is ENFORCED, that the epidemic levels of abortion will remain unchecked? I don’t think so.”

I’d like to beg to differ, cultureshift, and please take a look at this NY Times article before making an opinionated statement on something that has studies done on it.

And I understand that you’re probably not going to read this story I’m going to give you, because obviously who would want to read something opposing to them, right? Haha! But I really really would love to read your response to this. It does not advocate for “death of babies” and if you say that it does then it’s obvious you didn’t bother to read it; it merely explains why the Republican party and pro-life people aren’t actually saving babies. It gives plenty of sources and links, and it takes the point of view of someone who is only interested in saving lives, which I hope you can relate to. Please respond to this, even if it’s to tell me to go fuck myself, because then at least I’ll know you saw it.


Public Service Announcement: The New York Times is an extremely biased liberal newspaper that is quoting the Guttmacher Institute. This ‘institute’ is an extremely biased, pro-abortion, political arm of Planned Parenthood. It was founded as a semi autonomous division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1968, and was originally called the Center for Family Planning Development. It’s an invention of Planned Parenthood, set in action to ensure the survival and government funding of this particular chain of abortion facilities.

I already addressed the article written by Libby Anne back on July 19th. But I wouldn’t actually expect you to read my blog before attempting to publicly embarrass me.

And I do read opposing views, as many as I can find the time to read. Most of the blogs I follow are pro-abortion for that very reason.

I have also said repeatedly that I fully understand that simply passing a law is not going to stop abortion.

The whole point of cultureshift is to get to the root of the abortion problem — a culture based on the selfish desires of its members who are unwilling to accept personal responsibility for their actions and who have a complete disregard for the dignity and value of prenatal human life.

I truly believe that you, like Libby Anne, are good people underneath it all. It’s unfortunate that you believe that our prenatal children are not persons and can therefore be killed on demand by the millions. I will work until my death to get you and those like you to understand that our humanity, that our fundamental right to live, does not change simply because we are born.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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