As far as I understand, you want all abortions illegal. Do you think that will result in dangerous clothes hanger abortions? And also, there is an illness where the baby dies in the womb, but isn’t miscarried and not ejected. This threatens the mother’s life, I even heard of a woman in Ireland dying from this. Thirdly, my grandfather signed a form when he was on his deathbed that he doesn’t want to donate organs, even to save people’s lives. That is more rights than a pregnant woman will have.


Tens of millions of prenatal children are killed every year by abortion and you are focused on the tiny sliver of cases like these. Why? Let me tell you why. You and others like you keep dwelling on these because you hope to blind the uneducated to the reasons why the vast majority of mothers seek abortion – selfishness and irresponsibility.

As I have repeatedly stated, if a mother’s life is in grave physical danger of impending death, then she and she alone must make the choice to assume the risk to continue her pregnancy without intervention. Sometimes the tragic loss of her child is her only recourse because, if she dies, so does her child. In all cases, every effort should be made to not only save her life, but to save her child’s as well. This is not elective abortion — the targeted destruction of an ‘unwanted’ human life for the sole purpose of ending that life.

Of course a miscarried child should be removed. The child has already died a natural death and this also would not be considered an abortion.

Organ donation is nothing like gestating a living human being. A woman’s body evolved to share her organs with her prenatal child and this is a natural process of reproduction. When the child is born, he or she does not take their mother’s organs with them. They have their own organs because they are a separate human being with their own bodily autonomy.

Will making abortion illegal result in more ‘clothes hanger’ abortions? Yes, it definitely will. Just like making other forms of murder illegal has resulting in injuries to the assailant. Because stabbing someone to death and cutting up their body is illegal, those that choose to perform this act are at greater risk of severely cutting themselves or becoming infected. Is this danger to the assailant a reason to legalize murder and start opening up Planned Homicide clinics?

Abortion is the elective killing of children by their mothers and no amount of twisted logic will ever change this basic truth.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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