Sometime, if I ever have an extra couple hundred dollars lying around, I might go and get pregnant just for the fuck of it, abort it, and tell you the story to watch you sympathize with something that can’t feel or think. Because even if I did that, it still would be a valid reason to have an abortion. I owe a fetus nothing, regardless how it got here.


This very sad person is incapable of showing concern for another person just because they are passing through a different stage of development than they are. They have no capacity for empathy or any love for those among us who are simply yet to be born.

People with this kind of ideology are the ones who led, supported, participated in, or ignored all of the atrocities that have plagued humankind throughout history.

You owe your child developing inside of you everything that is truly important in this world. You owe them your love, your compassion, your protection, your body, and their life.

We cannot change the necessity for a mother to support her prenatal child with her body, we can only embrace the process and respect the life that is harbored within.

If you can’t understand this, if you value human life so little that you could throw it away so easily, then I hope you never have the opportunity to experience the beauty of pregnancy. You would be a danger to your own child.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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