Meat Eaters


I would just like to let you know that millions of innocent, defenseless animals are slaughtered each day. You dont think thats worth fighting against, but taking away the right of what a woman can do with her body and the clump of cells growing inside her is? I’m sure profilers still eat meat. That doesn’t sound very “prolife” to me. Just “profetus”.


In the United States, it’s legal to kill prenatal children through all nine months of pregnancy [Doe v. Bolton, 1973]. Most prenatal children are killed during the first trimester, but over ten percent are killed after the 12th week. A child is FAR FAR away from just a ‘clump of cells’ by the 12th week.

I will leave you and others to fight for animal rights as I cannot fight for every cause worth fighting for. I remain focused on protecting the millions of preborn human lives at risk every day around the world. A prenatal human being is killed every second. While you go about your day, look at your clock. Every time a new hour strikes, 5,000 human beings have died. 120,000 each day.

You may not believe that prenatal children are real or worth fighting for, but YOU once passed through every single stage of development that each one of these children were at that will die today. And look at you now.

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