Warming Your Heart


Do you ever plan to go out and protest abortion? You know, making innocent women feel guilty for removing a fetus before it lives? Does that warm your heart? Fetuses don’t care if you “help” them. They don’t feel anything. Can you PLEASE do your research before calling something murder? Please?


Innocent women? A mother that makes an appointment to kill her prenatal child and then shows up for that appointment is not innocent.

The thought of a prenatal child facing the violence of abortion while his or her mother spreads her legs to provide full access for their killer should cause you great anguish. Two human beings lie down before an abortionist, only one does so by choice.

Would you not help someone who is in a coma or unconscious because they can’t feel anything and they don’t care if you help them?

Our life journey begins at fertilization and ends at our death, hopefully a natural death. This is simple common sense. Denying it only creates moral ambiguity that is used to end the lives of millions of innocent human beings year after year.

How easily some forget that they were once a prenatal child.

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