The Epidemic Of Evil

This comment references this post.


I am the Anon from earlier and I want to say that all the people who advised me to have an abortion have had abortions themselves. I found it so hypocritical how they kept telling me that it is my choice, but they were basically almost forcing me to get it done, by telling me all the so called ‘good things’ about it and pointing me to the best abortion clinics from my city. They even tried to scare me by explaining me how much a baby changes your life and body and how painful giving birth is.


Those who have committed abortion want ever more mothers to join their ranks as a way to assuage their guilt. Abortion is an absolute epidemic. A prenatal child is killed every second in this world. Planned Parenthood kills a human child every 94 seconds in the United States alone.

The prenatal children who are currently at risk could use your voice. Speak out on your blog or create one dedicated to life, dedicated to your story.

Thanks again for your honesty and good luck with your delivery. I’m so excited for you!!

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