An Honorable Choice

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I’m the Marine woman from last night. I have spoken to my recruiter and gotten the date when I ship out pushed back a year. I told my boyfriend, he was only upset because I hadn’t told him sooner. Since we both come from strong Catholic families we’ve decided to get married (we’ve been together for 5 years now). He will take my child as his own he said. His parents don’t know yet nor do mine and we plan to keep it hushed till she comes into this world. Thanks for the help.


You are a true HERO!!! And so is your FIANCE!!! Congratulations!!!

You will not believe the incredible love that your daughter will bring to both of you. She will bind your marriage like nothing else can. Your fiance is an amazing MAN and you are an amazing WOMAN.

As you know, I speak on behalf of our prenatal children, and on behalf of your precious daughter, I want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE, FOR YOUR LOVE, AND FOR GIVING ME LIFE. YOU ARE MY HERO AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

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