Truth And Lies


Sorry if this was already asked, but: What’s your argument/opinion for girls who get raped? I believe they’re the only ones that should have an option to abort or not. But of course, legally that has problems because people are liars… anyways, I fully support your culture shift idea though 🙂


Rape is a violation of a person’s human rights. In the case of a resulting pregnancy, does it make sense to take away another human being’s most basic human right, the right to life, in an attempt to right a wrong? The mother and child are both completely innocent and neither should die for the crimes of another.

If you believe that a person’s life begins at fertilization, then you must protect their life regardless of the circumstances behind their conception. Why should a child conceived by consent be any more valuable than a child conceived by rape? These children are equal, to value one’s life above the other is discrimination. And is one of the reasons we must begin a culture shift.

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