you should push for laws to let women make their OWN choices about their OWN bodies. when a fetus is aborted, it wont feel anything. if you and other insane pro-life advocates push so hard that support for womens rights goes off the side of the planet, women are still going to get abortions. the law wont change anything. they will go to run-down, shabby and unsafe clinics or try terminating the pregnancy, and in some cases resort to suicide. now tell me abortion cant be an action to save oneself


You are a part of the problem and I want you to be a part of the solution. It is thinking like this, thinking that fundamentally believes that women are weak and incapable of dealing with the challenges of motherhood, that drives them to abortion. That drives them to only consider themselves, to only ‘save’ themselves. To want to kill their own prenatal sons and daughters before having to make any sacrifice for another human being.

What do you think the first piece of advice an abortion advocate gives a woman who has an unplanned pregnancy? Abort. I have heard from many mothers who are pregnant with an unplanned child and they always tell me that their ‘friends’ and family recommended abortion first. WHY? Why is this even an option when discussing another woman’s son or daughter? They are literally suggesting that they kill their own family members. WHY?

If someone walked up behind you right now and shot you in the back of the head, you wouldn’t feel anything either. And you would never know you existed or what your future might of held. Getting shot in the back of the head is the same as if you had been sucked out of your mother’s womb with a vacuum aspirator. Either way, you were oblivious. Does being oblivious to your death make the act of killing you acceptable?

I will push to abolish human abortion every day of my life and recruit as many other human rights advocates as I can along the way. We must stand for human rights for ALL human beings, not just the ones we can see or that look like us.

Change begins with YOU.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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