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“For the same reason, a pregnant person should not be allowed to make a choice to kill her unborn child. Taking that child’s life violates his or her bodily autonomy”. are you serious? a fetus DOES NOT HAVE bodily autonomy. it is COMPLETELY dependent on its mother and is UNABLE (until ~6 months after which I believe abortion should not be legal) to survive without being physically attached to her and receiving resources from her. there’s no autonomy to violate. I repeat, no autonomy.


Your statement that a prenatal human being has no bodily autonomy until ‘approximately’ six months, at which point the mother then loses any right to her bodily autonomy and must now carry that same human being to term, is LUDICROUSLY HYPOCRITICAL.

Life either begins at conception or birth. Your nebulous ‘approximately six month mark’ where an prenatal child miraculously becomes worthy of human rights demonstrates a tragic lack of commitment to truth and logic on your part.

What do you think will happen if the mother suddenly decides, because of mental or emotional distress, that she no longer wants her child after six months of pregnancy? In the United States, she calls a late-term abortionist because no insurance company or hospital, if she is uninsured, is going to take on the expense of attempting to remove a live six-month old fetus. There is only one option for that child – death.

To summarize:

You are either in favor of killing a child through ALL nine months of pregnancy [current U.S. law – Doe v. Bolton, 1973] 


You are in favor of conferring human rights equally to all human beings, regardless of stage of life, beginning at the moment of conception.

Life begins at conception, not some arbitrary point in time that attempts to balance morality with the killing of a living human being.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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